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  • (I) The subject-pool policy.
  • (II) A WEB FORM that instructors or teaching assistants should use to get their class(es) listed in Sona for the upcoming or current academic term.
  • (III) Get HELP with various aspects of Sona.


(I) Policy

The Department of Psychology at Bowling Green State University maintains a web-based system (Sona) for recruiting undergraduate research participants, and for awarding class credit for such participation. Participation may count as extra credit or as an option for fulfilling a course requirement. Instructors who permit research credit must also provide an alternative means of earning such credit, for those students who do not wish to be research subjects. Each instructor's syllabus should indicate whether and to what degree research participation can impact a student's grade. This page is for BGSU Psychology instructors and teaching assistants who wish to have their course(s) listed in the Sona research scheduling system for the upcoming term (Note that Psyc 1010 classes will be listed by default).

Which Classes May Participate?

Each instructor may decide whether research participation is appropriate for any given course. Because Psyc 1010 classes will be listed in Sona by default, Psyc 1010 instructors need not submit this form. For other courses, the instructor should use this form to have the course listed in Sona.

Credit Amount

Credit should be assigned at a rate of 0.25 credits per quarter hour of participation, with 0.25 being the minimum credit increment. (Examples: A research session designed to last 15 minutes or less should earn 0.25 credits. A session designed to last longer than 15 minutes but no longer than 30 minutes should earn 0.5 credits. A session designed to last longer than one-and-three-quarter hours but no longer than two hours should earn 1.75 credits.) The instructor will decide on the degree to which each unit of research credit impacts the student's grade. For more information, see the F.A.Q (frequently asked questions) at Instructors vary with respect to the number of hours students are asked to contribute. Three hours seems typical.

If Your Class(es) will be part of the Research Subject Pool . . .

  • Ask your students to go to to register in SONA by the end of the first week of classes. Inform your students that if they aren't registered in the system before they participate in research, they won't get credit for their participation.
  • If you decide to put a SONA link on your Blackboard site, please configure it to open in a new window rather than as a frame within Blackboard. SONA may not work properly from within a web frame.
  • If your class has a TA, then the TA's instructor account is the one associated with the class, and the TA can monitor your students' accumulation of research credit and can generate an end of term credit summary report. If you class does not have TA, then your instructor account will be associated with the class. You and your TA may wish to share (at least temporarily) your instructor account passwords with each other, so you can both access the information for the class.


(II) WEB FORM. Please submit the form to get your class listed in Sona for the upcoming or current term.


(III) Get HELP with various aspects of Sona.